Dedham Parish Council are reviewing plans to upgrade the Royal Square.
As custodians of the Square we have concerns about the loose gravel surface and the risk that it could migrate onto the road, causing safety issues. Also the manoeuvrability of cars with the current parking layout perpendicular to the road is poor, particularly given the restrictions around the war memorial.
To assess the design options available we are considering plans prepared by a landscape architect to replace the loose gravel with a natural stone paving and / or bonded gravel, as well as turning the direction of parking so that it is parallel to the road. We are also considering an alternative scheme to remove the carpark altogether and replace it with a market square, including formal trees and seating. We are interested in the views of all Dedham residents and businesses. 


The outline proposals for the Square for consultation purposes are shown on the following three drawings. To view a full size version of the plan, just click on the image.

Carpark Redesign Option 1 Carpark Redesign Option 2 Non-Parking Option

Plan Drawing 1.

Whole area natural paving.

Plan Drawing 2.

Resin bound area with central parking.

Plan Drawing 3. 

Resin bound gravel with sandstone flag 

central area and formal trees.



A questionaire is being delivered to all households in Dedham along with the November edition of the Dedham Parish Magazine.  A copy of the questionaire can be seen if you follow the link below and you can also download a copy using this icon 



Royal Square Report

Royal Square Update

Dedham Parish Council welcomes the response from residents to its consultation on changes to Royal Square and acknowledges there is a general feeling of concern that the impact of doing anything to the Square might impact negatively upon the rural nature of the village. This was clearly not our intention.We also take seriously the comments that have been made about the decline of provision of services and maintenance of the village a lot of which is not under the direct control of the council. The Receipt of the Report’s findings which include both positive and negative comments are being published in their entirety in the interest of transparency and are available to all on the Parish Council website at Dedham Parish Council Website. It is the view of this Parish council that given the proximity of the end of our current term of office that it would be neither desirable or sensible at this stage to put forward alternative or any proposals at this juncture. Coming also at a time when it has been made clear that the North Essex Parking Partnership NEPP) also wishes to propose changes to parking arrangements in Dedham (which have not yet been discussed with the Parish Council) it is also sensible for these issues to be incorporated into the decision-making process for Royal Square so that wholistic decisions are made for the benefit of Dedham as a whole. This will also give the current Parish Council the opportunity to look at the detail of some of the recommendations in this report and evaluate their potential and funding implications for the benefit of the new Council.




Page updated: 13/03/2024